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Over a Decade of Experience in Web GIS
The Urban Explorer, Inc has developed high performance, award-winning web GIS tools for Economic Development, Workforce Development and City Planning since 1999 and is the developer of the EconoVue™ platform (US Pats #7,925,982, #8,793,610 and #8,799,812 and patent pending).

EconoVue logo The EconoVue™ platform is a unique cloud-based web mapping service offering analytical "windows across time" into neighborhoods, cities and regions. It features time-series business, job and labor market data sets and analytical tools for performing market research, studying industry trends and understanding the economy at many scales, from the city block all the way up to the region. It combines GIS, visualization tools for regional industry sector trend analysis and CRM employer outreach tools. EconoVue™ features 3 integrated apps: RegionVue™, LocalVue™, and ProspectVue™

RegionVue™: Visualize regional industry trends Large Image Example

LocalVue™: Interactive business trend mapping Large Image Example

ProspectVue™: CRM tools for local employer outreach Large Image Example

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