Thriving Companies that are Hiring Now?

They definitely exist – and Workforce Boards are finding them with EconoVue.

We’ve all seen the news about record-breaking unemployment numbers, but when we look behind the headlines, there are many companies that are ramping up their hiring as they expand business operations to meet quickly changing demands.

As a Workforce Outreach Coordinator in a southern state recently said to us, “We’re great at finding the businesses laying people off. But we also know there are a lot of businesses that are actively hiring – we just need help finding them.” Therein lies the challenge, and EconoVue™ provides the answer: enabling Workforce Boards to not only find companies that are strong, growing and hiring, but to also weed out employers with higher business instability and greater risk of failing in this current economic climate.

JOB TYPE and INDUSTRY TYPE: Two Views on Finding Who is Hiring

EconoVue™ lets Workforce Boards search for specific openings by JOB TYPE to find broad categories of current job openings such as ‘Delivery Driver’ or ‘Project Manager,’ and then layer in additional criteria such as specific salary ranges to create a more refined list of hiring opportunities. Workforce Boards can then apply EconoVue™ financial health* filters and business growth indicators* to ensure they’re sending job seekers only to companies that are stable and growing.

Workforce Boards who want to engage the hiring market by INDUSTRY TYPE are taking a NAICS code approach to query and target hiring opportunities. Workforce Program Managers, Researchers, Analysts and Rapid Response Coordinators are able to target specific high-prospect industries using their own list of prioritized sectors or an EconoVue™ list of high-growth NAICS codes compiled in collaboration with our Workforce Board clients, and then applying additional filters to engage only those employers who fit their criteria of Industry + Low Risk + Growth Trends.

 *Employer Failure Risk is determined using Dun & Bradstreet’s Financial Stress Score and Potential for Growth is determined using Dun & Bradstreet’s Material Change Score.

How This Looks in the Real World

Recently, a Workforce Board in California’s Central Valley utilized these search and filter features in EconoVue™ as part of their outreach efforts to find new and potential businesses to participate in an upcoming Job Fair. Their results? They doubled the number of company attendees and were able to ensure that each business offered stable, long-term employment prospects.

How can EconoVue™ help pinpoint the right companies for job seekers in your region?  Contact us today to learn how EconoVue™ can elevate and accelerate job-placement strategies, or to learn more about Job Fair support.

Designed for and with workforce/economic development practitioners, EconoVue™ is the most intuitive data visualization and business outreach platform for dissecting and understanding the economy at the neighborhood, city, regional and national levels. It combines GIS, visualization tools for regional industry sector trend analysis, business research tools, CRM employer outreach components and a layoff aversion module featuring filters for finding companies by financial health. For more information please visit us at